1. thecandyman116's Avatar
    im planning on doing this using the guides and tools found on this site and i was wondering if i will lose all my stuff on my iphone in the process (contacts, calendar events, pics, ect.)

    any help would be great! thanks
    2007-10-27 08:17 PM
  2. jwdav's Avatar
    You can back up (sync), wipe the phone and then restore the info from iTunes later - however, if you have any important info that you just couldn't bear to lose, or could not replace, you should get it backed up somewhere else first.

    If you read PF's guide all the way through before you begin, you are less likely to hit a surprise. Most of the issues I'm seeing people report are coming from third party programs that work fine in 1.0.2, that are left on the phone while it transitions to 1.1.1.

    I would treat this whole thing as series of steps:

    1-virginise the phone (including a wipe & restore to clean 1.0.2)
    2-update to 1.1.1
    3-unlock & jailbreak 1.1.1

    You need SSH installed to virginise, but after your phone is virginised, you can (and probably should) ditch the third party stuff, reset the phone and restore a clean 1.0.2 before going on to upgrade to 1.1.1.

    To keep (actually restore) your information, you need to get to the screen in PF's guide, where you are asked (by iTunes) whether you want to set this up as new phone, or restore information from "the previous" phone. In your case, if you wanted to try to keep your info, choose restore, instead of set up as a new phone.
    2007-10-27 08:42 PM
  3. thecandyman116's Avatar
    ok thanks! thats pretty much all i needed!

    2007-10-27 08:58 PM