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  1. dale1v's Avatar
    I updated to 1.1.1 last week and I think there's a bug with my iPod. I press shuffle,
    and the songs play randomly, BUT then after about 10-20 songs, it goes and starts playing alphabetically. Not what I want. No thank you.
    has this happened to anyone else? it didn't happen to me in 1.0.2, so...
    and as I type this with my phone, I've noticed there are problems with text entry too; text is duplicated sometimes when I press return, and then the bottom line is deleted when I press return when im on the penultimate line.
    I hqvent got courage or energy to downgrade, would be silly, ill just have to wait for 1.1.2 to come out...and get hacked...and released...
    Long wait.
    2007-10-29 12:53 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I haven't seen those issues yet.. might be fixed with a simple restore.

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    2007-10-29 12:58 AM