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  1. bobby_nguyen's Avatar
    You know when you switch the vibrate mode on, the icon of the bell with the slash comes on? Well with this phone i have here, when you switch it it does what it is suppose to do. BUT when you switch it back to normal mode, it gives me the same icon and it vibrates!!

    I though ziphone might be the problem, but i have restore numerous times and it still does the same thing beore i even touch ziphone.

    When it was unlocked the first time, u can hear ringtones and sounds when you are changing settings, but when the phone received a phone call, no ringtone played. also, no keyboard and lock clicks.

    anyone else have this problem? sounds like a hardware problem.
    2008-04-22 07:21 AM
  2. erickrm's Avatar
    i know this is old but my phone just started doing this accept my phone does nothing whne i flip the switch back to normal..... and it also vibrates when ever it wants just randomly and will display that vibrate speaker with the slash!! no more cliks from pressing on different buttons nothing.... i feel like it might be hardware problem.... i did a restore and hard reset nothing! wtf this sux.
    2008-06-05 12:48 AM