1. alexbutterfield's Avatar
    If i type an email and then hit cancel, the menu gives the option to save or dont save or cancel.

    if i hit save, the message isnt saved...

    i called 1-800-myapple for advice... they told me there was no way to save a draft.

    why the hell is there a menu that offers that choice? (okay i dont believe the girl who told me there was no way to save a draft... i mean theres options of where to save the draft in the settings) ive tried this different ways and i cant get it to work at all.

    Im working with Yahoo mail... and i like to update things that i keep in my drafts.

    Any ideas?

    Also it's kind of annoying that some mail fails to send and its completely gone. (although some have sent later, about half the ones that failed first tme never turned up, if this is normal, maybe it should take me back to it and let me save the draft for it... then again) or maybe it could keep it in a folder in an outgoing folder in the email account its sending from.
    2007-10-29 06:29 AM