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    Alright guys, first post on this website and let me say it is pretty sick.

    I have been working on a "Water Damaged" iPhone. It has taken an unbelievably long time to get it back in working condition. Cleanings and battery replacement, several reformats and the whole nine yards.

    I just installed the new battery and the phone is finally running off it's own power supply. Like I thought, in order for the phone to use WiFi and wireless it MUST have a working battery connected.

    Now that it is working, I am stuck at yet another problem. Both the headphone jack and the internal speaker are shot and neither are making any noise at all.

    How many internal speakers are there? Is there just one behind the faceplate? Or is there another I am missing.

    Seeing as the headphone jack is not working, obviously due to water exposure, should I just replace the jack or just the whole backplate for a black one and save some time, as I want to do that anyway?
    2008-04-22 09:20 PM
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    There is 1 earpiece speaker, 1 outer speaker and 1 mic. On the jack, I would replace according to what parts you can get cheaper, really.
    2008-04-22 10:27 PM
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    Thank you. No one at IPW knew anything about the iphone.

    Where are they located on the phone exactly?

    I don't know if the mike works either. This might be a rather fun fix.

    I don't need the outer speaker because my blackberry Curve has one. But i will need the mic and the speaker as well as the headphone ribbon.

    is the mic attached to the ribbon flex cable?


    Well, apparently jail breaking and unlocking has just shown me that the speaker and mic and internal speaker work in the phone. I am not sure why they never worked in the first place but upon unlocking they all worked...

    Do you need the apple headphones for the iPhone? (noob question, I know) The problem is that the headphone jack is not working

    Alright. It is officially working fully. Hooray!
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    2008-04-23 01:09 AM
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    sell it as parts n buy a new phone.

    and yes you need apple product specific headphones, the headphone jack is "recessed" and requires headphones to be in deeper then a regular headphone can actually fit.
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    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-04-23 01:38 AM
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    Check out this site:


    Good luck!
    2008-04-23 01:47 AM