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    well long story short all of a sudden the other day my phone started shutting off on its own ever 10- 15 mins or so. progressively the last few days its gotton much worse. the phone shuts off if u turn it or move it quickly, everytime i make a phone call i lose service and edge, and my calls fail 3 seconds into the phone call.

    so im going to return the phone today and i have a couple questions.

    my phone is 1.1.3 jailbroken, will that be a problem in them taking my phone back?

    also either way ill be buying or exchanging for a new phone today, is there a way through winscp or some other program to transfer 3rd party apps and themes i have now to my new phone so my phone is the same or similar to mine now?

    and i have a 4 gb phone, if they do an exchange, how will that work will i have to pay the difference for an 8gb phone?

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    2008-04-23 04:21 PM
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    you should restore the phone to factory settings. you can do that by putting your phone in recovery mode and in itunes ctrl+restore your phone. or i believe ziphone has a refurbish option you can use. i assume you have an ATT account

    you can save your themes and some of the apps you've downloaded, but it may be easier to just reinstall them via installer so you don't have to mess with permissions, etc

    i'm not sure how a 4gb to an 8gb would work. maybe they have refurbished 4gb phones?
    2008-04-23 05:19 PM