1. tony8192's Avatar
    i updated installer.. and now my phone is comletely frozen. when i restart it it goes to main screen and trys to load something (that lil circle starts to spin as if smething is going on) and then it jus freezes.. when i click on apps.. they load up very slowly... and then eventually crash. please help me
    iPhone Nice
    2007-10-30 04:00 AM
  2. truenorth's Avatar
    Try reinstalling. Run Installer, Select the Uninstall group, select Installer, tap Reinstall on top right, then tap Reinstall button.
    Sydney, Australia
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    2007-10-30 04:10 AM
  3. bgattis's Avatar
    Same thing is happening to me after the last installer update. I can't do anything. If I try to go into installer it tries to refresh and then exits out the main screen and just sits there. Every now and then it acts like it is refreshing. Clock is now wrong. Not connected to Edge. No WiFi. Can't force a restore and iTunes does not see my phone any longer. No clue on what to do at this point.
    2007-10-30 05:47 AM
  4. daniellelutz's Avatar
    I have the same exact problem...Someone please help!!! I cannot do anything with my iphone!
    2007-10-30 05:49 AM
  5. carlosmiguel's Avatar
    I was trying to hack my iphone 1.1.1 version using the steps from www.hacktheiphone.com. I already downgraded to ver 1.0.2 and was able to run all iphone menus and features. I try to install anySIM ver 1.02 many times but still it cannot detect any mobile network. Also tried installing anySIM ver 1.1 but still I don't get any mobile network. I don't see any Carrier from the Settings-General menu. I iPhone is only working as iTouch now. I used iBrick to run everything. Hope you can give me some advice. This is the site where I got the hacking steps http://www.hacktheiphone.com/111/iph...1_windows.html
    2007-10-30 05:55 AM