1. ricanstructed311's Avatar
    well heres my situation, i purchased an unlocked/ jailbroken iphone from a friend. i recently just dropped it and the bottom half of the touch screen is not working ! i believe the phone is still under "warranty" if there is one, so my questions aree:

    can i open up the phone and repair it mysef?? im somewhat savvy at doing things like that, so if there were a tutorial or something that i can watch would someone be able to post it???

    or i heard that if i downgrage it and delete everything in the history to show that it wasnt jailbroken or unlocked that i would be able to bring it to apple and get a new one???

    any help would be greaaaattttlllyyyyy appreciated thank you very much!!
    2008-04-25 05:47 AM
  2. JedixJarf's Avatar
    The iPhone is the hardest phone Ive ever opened, i dont recommend you do work to it yourself. I would just restore it then take it down to an apple store and tell em the touchscreen is giving out.
    2008-04-25 07:22 AM
  3. ricanstructed311's Avatar
    hey thanks, but i need some help restoring, dont know how. I called apple and they told me they wont be able to do anything under warranty since i dont have an account with atnt (wtf??)!!!...and does anyone know of a way that i can get my contacts or any info i need thru my desktop since im unable to use my actual phone??
    2008-04-28 03:56 AM