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    ok first off i found this out on accident and did have to do a restore. so if your restoring anytime soon anyway.. have fun!
    how i found this out. i was watching this video of a ipod touch bug
    i decided to see if it worked on my iphone.. and it did... when it went to the lock thing i noticed were it usually said at&t it said ipod and had a wifi symbol.. i slid the thing to unlock it and i saw nothin but a black screen, my dock wich was 1/8 of an inch tall and 3 icons ipod, itunes, and photos.. yep tried everything but still thought it was a touch.. pluged it in and the comp new it was an iphone so i restored it tryed again for a vid but didnt work so i will post vid when i get it to work again
    2007-10-31 07:06 AM