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    Hey guys, i tried to upgrade my iphone to the newer version, while everything was going fine, i dled the new update (thru itunes) and then it told me that i needed the newer version of itunes so i dled that. Long story short, it didnt update my phone and made me restore and then i tried using Ziphone (the "Do it all") and now its stuck on a black screen. I tried using it Ziphone again but now it just says searching for iphone even though its connected.

    I figured it out guys, btw for people who might have a smilar problem what i did was HOLD down the Home button and the Power buton (on top) and it turned the phone off
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    2008-04-27 10:38 PM
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    restore to 1.1.4,then 1.1.3 then1.1.4 them ziphone
    2008-04-27 11:56 PM