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    Hi guys, i have a quick question regarding incoming calls. I usually save my phone numbers in Outlook with the country code, so that id ont have to add teh country code to a number when i am travelling. (i.e. +44123456789 for a UK number or +12123333333 for the US). When i get incoming calls from people within the country though, it seems that iphone doesnt recognise the callers (although their no's are stored in the addressbook) and it shows the number without the countrycode, i.e. 0123456789 (although +44123456789 which is the same number with the countrycode in front is saved in addressbook)). That is only fixed if i keep both numbers (one with and one without countrycode) in the Addressbook. Is there some smarter way than me duplicating my complete addressbook for that?

    any help is very much appreciated.

    2007-11-01 01:30 PM
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    Check the posts on the main page. You may have to go back a few pages or something. I believe I saw a fix for that, but Im not positive.
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    2007-11-01 02:43 PM