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    I'm in total agreement with the original poster...when you've been on this board since the beginning and continue to see all of the same questions answered over and over and over and over and over and over again, believe me - it becomes tedious. You also begin to realize there are a LOT of lazy people wandering through life expecting everyone else to take care of them.

    Sigh...I love this thread.
    PLEASE click everyone's "Thanks" buttons...they are begging for it.
    2008-07-27 10:57 PM
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    You mean if I ask to get my phone "unlocked" so I can install third party apps, I should run as far away from the projectile pies as I can while wearing my flame-retardant forum-posting suit?

    *runs like mad and does a quick Search*
    I came, I saw, I forgot what the hell I was there for.
    2008-07-28 06:04 AM
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    I thought we where here to help all if we can. I am here to help and get help as needed...
    2008-07-28 06:25 AM
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    i think the original poster is right in certain ways even though it was a little harshly put (as he said probably the weekend hangover got to him ). i think ppl shud at least use the search forum/thread option and do a little reading before actually rushing to post a new thread. i know i have got many of my problems solved or just found info by doing that.
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    2008-07-28 07:01 AM
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    God damn. It's a freaking forum. There will be users who will sign up just to ask a question and disappear. Many users don't have time so they just ask the same redundant questions over and over. You can't prevent that from happening no matter how many times you keep on ranting over this.

    It's a forum. It happens in every forums.

    Why don't you go to MacRumors forum and see how many times people keep on asking the same questions? No one gets angry about this. Everyone is there to help each other out.
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    2008-07-28 07:04 AM
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