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    I want to be honest, I have posted this compaint on several sites. I am really angry with Apple over the treatment I got buying and returning two iphones.
    I found the whole experience of setting up the iphones and debugging them very upsetting. Why don't they even know if iphones will work with Insighbb.com? They say it does, but it doesn't even when using the outgoing address of cwmx.com. Not even Insightbb could get them working, nor ATT or Apple techs. I spent over a day on that problem before giving up on it.
    Also, why don't they tell you about the wi fi problem? I had to have the wi fi off or the phones would not recieve or make calls that could be understood. If I leave the wi fi off then the high speed service on my router would not be available. I could not recieve calls unless it was OFF. Also the wi fi messed up the cordless phone and the sound systems on both my computers while on; I had to have the wi fi off just to talk with ATT Service on a landline.
    Finally, why don't they tell you you are going to have to pay a [u]10% RESTOCKING FEE if you return them? I only had them one day. During that day itunes changed over my telephone numbers and cancelled my service with another carrier. ALL THIS WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO SPEAK WITH A REAL PERSON. THAT IS WHY THEY DON'T TELL THESE THINGS DUE TO REGISTERING AND SETTING UP ON ITUNES! THERE IS NO ONE TO ASK. WE ARE FORCED TO DO IT ALL ON FAITH THAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT AS PLANNED! I had a very hard time getting my old service back with my former carrier, but they were kind enough to just reinstate me without writing another contract.
    Just thought you all ought to know what probems you can have.
    o answer the question, what is Insightbb? Of course you can brouse it, but because it is not compatable with Cingular units in some cases Apple should advize. In fact the saleman did tell me this and gave me the fix, but he was not sure it would work.
    Insight is a large cable tv network here in the midwest that provides the fastest internet service I know of. Though I have the usual long waits on the phone when I call, the techs are almost amazing in my opinion. A fix for Insightbb was put in place by ATT by using cwmx.com as your outgoing server or address that provides authentication. This only works with some. The fix was not only for the iphone but for all Cingular phones because insight does not provide Authentication, which Cingular/ATT needs for email. I was told to make a Yahoo account that would, and did work, or make a GMail account and forward always to the Insight account and back. I spent over 14 hours in two days on this. The GMail accound also did not work. Then when the phones would work on Yahoo, they would not call one another! That's when I found out the wi fi was causing interferance with my router. I think Apple was about ready to figure this out for themselves when our call was cut off-again! Whenever the phone would make a call or search the net a blubbering sound would come out of both my mac and my pc's speakers. I was told by two IT people this would happen with ATT, but I didn't listen thinking it would be just not that bad. I could have lived with the noise, but not with the lack-of-function it caused. Why would I want to not use wi fi for brousing when my service is 10 times faster that DLL? And if I do, I could make or recieve no calls while wi fi was on? This is a major problem in my estimation and Apple should not have assumed I was a kid using the phone for a toy for the return period then turning it back in, requiring by policy 10% for doing so. I had it for one day and I'm 60 years old and had all the packaging except the celephane tape!
    Disgruntled and Grouchy, Steve
    2007-07-29 03:19 PM
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    Yah I'm calling this Insightbb.com spam.

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    2007-07-29 08:07 PM
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    wow this guy is full of it
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    2007-07-29 08:55 PM
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    he's 60 yrs old and unwilling to take the time to learn. i deal with people like him all the time.
    on the bright side, i bought an iphone for a buddy who is 67 years old. it took a while, but he's cruising now. loves the iphone.
    2007-07-29 09:42 PM
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    lol didnt find one useful statement in that whole rant, nor any truth.
    2007-07-29 09:45 PM
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    he's 60 yrs old
    no he's not. he's a paid troll for that ibb.com site. and he's now banned.

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    2007-07-29 09:59 PM
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    omg this is typical user error
    2007-07-29 10:23 PM