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    me , my buddy and a whole bunch of others have ahd serious problems using the new app tap with ,specifically -hightymes sources, if you have 3.0 app tapp installer use just the community sources, i wouldnt use the untrusted ones yet, not trying to point fingers but many people are having this problem. just a warning to all.

    love this place
    2007-11-02 10:32 PM
  2. Dash-2's Avatar
    This was a problem with Installer, not HighTymes.
    It SHOULD be fixed in version 3.0b8.
    If not, just avoid the source for now, until another Installer update.
    2007-11-03 12:37 AM
  3. Broomhead's Avatar
    I have hightymes, Loringstudios, iPhoneSurge, and one or two others installed. Installer 3.0 and I have had no problems. I have went in and changed themes, sounds, everything and no problems. I will keep digging into it and if I find any trouble I will post my findings.
    2007-11-03 12:43 AM
  4. jedinight's Avatar
    its a prob right out of his own mouth..and your on install3.0 update and youll see/...
    2007-11-03 12:45 AM
  5. Destructo's Avatar
    I had to restore because I tried to install JClassicApple images for Customize and gave me a main execution script fail, and when I tried to restart, it just hanged on the apple boot.
    2007-11-03 02:12 AM