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  1. MrB's Avatar
    Hi Guys

    I'm on 1.1.4, unlocked via Pwnage, on Vodafone in the UK.

    My voicemail indicator does show when i have a message but never goes above 1 regardless of the number of messages. I'm getting old and forgetful but i'm sure back on 1.1.1 it used to display the correct quantity of messages?

    Am i right or am i loosing it!?

    Is there a fix to show the correct number of messages.

    Many Thanx for any help

    MrB x
    2008-05-01 08:22 AM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    no i don't think it's ever shown the actual number of voicemails on an unsupported provider. it would just be the badge indicating that you have a voicemail(s)
    2008-05-01 02:17 PM