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    This is a summary piece I found a minute ago on shortnews.com. I posted the link to the source article as well. Apple indeed thinking differently lately?


    Girl, 9, Writes Apple With Idea, Gets Cease and Desist Order
    9-year-old third grader Shea O'Gorman decided to write Apple for a class project meant to teach kids how to write letters, offering the suggestion that they add lyrics to their iPods - but ended up receiving a less-than-warm response from them.

    When her family opened the much-anticipated response letter, "She was very upset. She kind of threw the letter up in the air and ran into her room and slammed the door," said her mother. Apple's lawyers told her they don't accept unsolicited ideas.

    "It just wasn't the appropriate type of letter to send to a third grader who had the initiative to write to them," she added.

    Shea said, "It kind of seemed like they were saying well we don't want your idea like it's not good or anything."
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    I dont get how this relates to the MMi letter..

    but this is an interesting article.
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    2007-11-03 04:48 PM
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    This is what I think....If Apple keeps up this kind of attitude with all thats going on they are going to be digging there graves alot faster to crawl into this is so Pathetic of them

    Unbelievable......Don't get me wrong here I love my apple products and I have them all
    but this is got to stop there heading the same way M$ is Now...JMO
    2007-11-03 06:02 PM