1. jstme99's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I recently restored my iphone after having issues installing a 3rd party app. I had it restored to firmware 1.0.2 which I have prior to restoring it.

    I have activated, jailbreak and installed some apps on the phone and evertyhing is working great except for youtube and unable to set up yahoo mail.

    My question is is it ok to restore it again, I want to use another method of doing the unlocking...jailbreaking and activation hoping for my you tube to work and resolve the issue with setting my yahoo mail

    Second question...how do I get the phone to a restore mode I tried holding the home and sleep/power button for a long time and it does not give me the yellow triangle where it says....connnect to itunes.

    Any other means of activating the you tube. Any advise/help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
    2007-11-03 06:38 PM