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    I am trying to get a cursor on my iPhone dialer (standard, not modded) so that I can remove specific numbers which I have dialled without deleting most of the numbers dialled. For example, I dial 564785 but I have to change it to 565785. The iPhone does not allow a single number to be edited so I have to use the backspace button to delete most of the numbers. Is this a software limitation or just my iPhone. (I'm Running 1.1.4 with 4.6BL)
    2008-05-01 09:38 PM
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    More info,which OS do you have? Which unlock method did you use? What did you do to your iPhone? Step by Step,your thread doesnt make any sence,untill MORE info is provided.
    2008-05-01 09:57 PM
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    I'm Using Both Windows XP and Mac Tiger on iMac (BootCamp) I used Tiger version of Pwnage Tool (v1.1) to unlock jailbreak and activate iPhone. The problem is, if someone tells me to dial a number and I do so. But then the phone number turns out to be wrong (only one number within it its wrong) so on all phones (Nokia, Sony Ericsson) you can use a cursor type thing to delete a specific number on the dialer without entering all of the phone number again. On the iPhone there is no option but to use the icon (backspace) which is to the right of the call icon in order to rectify the mistake. So I have to delete about 5-6 numbers just to edit one numerical figure. Sorry if this doesnt make sense.

    Try it! I'm Sure its not just my iPhone.
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    2008-05-01 10:40 PM