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    For some reason itunes wasnt working right with iphone so had to restore back to a clean 1.0.2.after I restored it, it wont let me reinstall app tapp back on it. My phones locked so i upgraded it to 1.1.1. Then downgraded back to 1.0.2 and still app tapp would not install. I have no idea why its doing this. Ive done this process many times and this time it didnt work. Your probably wondering after i upgraded why didnt i just jailbreak 1.1.1. I didnt because its getting mixed reviews and now my phone wont jailbreak on 1.0.2. so Im afraid to try it on 1.1.1. If anybody could help me out and let me know why my phones acting like this. And if there is 100% real way to jailbreak 1.1.1 without my phone getting messed up. Please let me know. Ive read plenty of posts. Im just unsure. Especially after what just happened with 1.0.2.

    2007-11-03 10:13 PM