1. N4cer's Avatar
    So do you guys HONESTLY think we'll get MMS functionality? Not what you WANT. I want to know if you think we will. It bugs the crap out of me that everyone sends them but we can't access them at all unless on wifi, by going the long viewmymessage route. It sucks.
    2007-11-04 02:51 AM
  2. pokekid's Avatar
    i agree..that is holding a few of my friends from getting an iphone right now..they have the sidekick LX, which is no iphone but a remarkable step up from the sk3..i dream of getting MMS
    2007-11-04 06:43 AM
  3. N4cer's Avatar
    Dang, guys! Someone hack this so the AT&T system thinks we're on a Treo or something! LOL!
    2007-11-04 03:23 PM