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    Hey fellow iphone heads; first time posting here but i seem to have this issue i thought at one point i had solved....My orange other bar in itunes on the iphone raises by a few mb's everytime i delete something. I know thru using mobile finder that mobile finder itself moves things to its own trash folder which doesnt really delete, so one day i deleted everything in there and was able to get my orange bar down to 0 so it dissappeared right...but for watever reason later on i had to restore for another issue so after that i got only a few mbs in the orange and now whenever i erase anything that bar raises! is there a folder besides mobile finders own trash bin thats keepin and or shrinkin stuff into a cache or something like a garbage folder? why does this keep happening? i know i can get it down to zero but wheres this stuff goin, coming from? like i delete a movie thats almost 800 mb's and the orange bar raises by 20 mbs etc....HELP PLEASE
    2007-11-05 04:06 AM