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    Ok, I followed all the instructions for getting jailbreak to work and I was succesful at the start. Then I tried adding my own alerts, but instead of using an aiff file I decided to use an mp3. Needless to say but ill say it anyway that didn't work. So then I went to back to adding my own ringtones which worked originally. Only problem this doesnt work anymore. So I restored my iPhone using itunes. Followed all the steps again and it didn't work again. Everytime I execute the command putfile /var/root/Library/Ringtones the program crashes.

    Any suggestions ?

    Ok I realized that I'm using an outdated method of getting ringtones on the phone. Now I'm trying to use ringtoner 1.1 I'm confused about one thing though do I still need that phonedmg directory or can I get rid of it ? DOes the ringtoner 1.1 go into that directory or somewhere separate?

    Wow after syntax errors, crashes, this thing finally works and I didn't fix any of the other problems I just used ringtoner and it started working out of nowhere.
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    Ha, glad to see you got it working. Sounds like at first after you restored you hadn't re-jailbroke it.

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    2007-07-30 07:42 PM