1. schtozo's Avatar
    the background of my phone is:
    otb 1.0.2 unlocked
    then upgraded to 1.1.1 then 1.1.2 and finally 1.1.3. with ziphone and unlocked with anysim 1.3. this is like 3 months ago. and worked like a charm.

    lately (a week ago) i decided to go back to 1.1.2 (dont know why,) so i did and everything was perfect (with all my favorite apps) till i decided to go back up to 1.1.3 so i did and the phone started freezing and other symptoms are: when it freezed i restarted and then it ran very slow and for some reason it deleted my contacts.(i think this is a common problem happening lately) so i decided to go back to 1.1.2 and then 1.1.3 again. it works well on factory 1.1.3 untill i start installing programs.

    the only progs i install are bsd sub system, bosstool to relocate fonts as first step and then summerboard and open ssh. so it start to freeze very heavy freezes.

    i went into these steps of downgrading to 1.1.1^1.1.2^1.1.3 several times. and the same thing happen when i install the programs i mentioned before, so i restored again and again but to 1.1.3 also several times just to do some testing of what was causing theese freezes. so i came up with the conclusion that summerboard is the one.

    this is my guess but please if you know what is happening to my phone please help.

    by the way i am know doing the downgrade to 1.1.2 as it is the most stable firmware on my phone and stay there until i know what is happening in 1.1.3.

    please help me...

    if you need additional information let me know.
    2008-05-05 03:01 PM
  2. stocis's Avatar
    why dont u go to 1.1.4 and make a fresh start ?
    Thanks is an acknowledgment
    2008-05-05 04:14 PM