1. justdan0227's Avatar
    Anyone hear when we are going to see FLASH Support in the browser? I thought this for sure would have been out by now.
    2007-11-06 08:00 PM
  2. chancre_scolex's Avatar
    If you dont feel like waiting, learn to code and make it happen
    I've got two states of mind, stoned and asleep
    2007-11-06 10:24 PM
  3. pmas's Avatar
    Not even at the rumor stage anymore. The original rumor was that it would be out with the first firmware upgrade. That was proven to be false. So it's anyone's guess, if it even happens at all. Since it's addition will not create income for apple, I don't think they will be so quick to develop it for the phone.
    2007-11-06 11:07 PM