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    Well, Apple will be sending me a box sometime this week to get my broken iPhone. I've had it since September, and it's been jailbroken since then. I used iNdependence to unlock it recently (used ONLY on AT&T but not an official contract for iPhone), but I downgraded over the weekend to 1.0.2, what was originally on it, after I started having an issue with the screen.

    I didn't get any SIM errors when I downgraded (like I did once before), and I activated on 1.0.2 and took it into the Apple store. They weren't too helpful, but almost replaced it. It wasn't activated, so they didn't replace it, but they also didn't say anything about jailbreak/unlock. Are my tracks covered?

    I'm sending it in later this week, and I want to make sure I don't get blacklisted. Is there a way I can 100% check for any leftovers from the processes? For example, if I go to a certain firmware version, will it give me an error if it's still unlocked? I'm fairly confident the jailbreaking is taken care of, but I just want to make sure it's not still in that unlocked state. I simply used DFU to downgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.0.2 and I didn't get any errors. Currently it's unactivated on 1.1.4 and just has the iTunes and cable icons, as it was after being restored at the Apple Store.

    Thanks for any help!

    to clarify: I'm on 1.1.4 UN-ACTIVATED right now. The "genius" did the upgrade to 1.1.4 and I did NOT get any SIM errors at all after upgrading, as I have in the past when I upgraded after unlocking. Should I be alright
    2008-05-06 04:33 AM
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    Wait I'm a little confused. Why are you sending it in? it sounds alright to me. But you want to get a new one right?

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    2008-05-06 05:06 AM
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    Yes, I have the problem where part of the screen doesn't work when you touch it - mine is about the bottom 3/4", just enough to where you can't use the home row of icons. I can still slide, but I can't access those. Apple is taking it in to look at it this week, and I'm trying to make sure I'm safe.

    I plan to take it to an Apple Store again wednesday to see if they'll do a swap now that it's been "authorized", but who knows.
    2008-05-06 05:27 AM
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    Yeah, so just do a simple revirginize(probably needed to be safe), then restore(dont back up), set up as new phone(if asked), then you should be good!

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    2008-05-06 05:30 AM
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    What do I need to do to revirginize? And do you think it's really necessary since my phone isn't giving me any errors about the SIM on (unactivated) 1.1.4 no matter what SIM I put in it?

    Once before, I had somehow damaged the modem firmware and downgraded and I got a SIM error. I revirginized (it took forever and I vowed never to do it again) and the SIM error went away and all was fine. Since I don't have the SIM error, do you think I'm fine?

    That is NOT what my screen looks like, I DO NOT have that error, no matter if I put my original non-activated SIM in or my used Cingular SIM in. I hope I'm alright, my screen looks like that minus the error and with what looks like (but isn't) one bar of service on the top left. Thanks for the help.
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    2008-05-06 05:55 AM
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    Well, after some creativity on Apple's part (they assigned my repair a new reference number after it arrived since their rep typed in the wrong serial number on my return so I was totally in the dark), it looks like I'll be receiving a replacement. At least according to this:

    Ah, hopefully it'll get here soon! (probably monday, then I can figure out activation again!)
    2008-05-08 11:44 PM