1. fat x nub's Avatar
    so i understand that apple is realesing some thingy that allows third party apps that onto the iPhone. Sooooo...i got some questions. Why don't they just stop bricking phones with third party apps on them? How will the apps work? Will I have to develop my own...or can I use other peoples? How will I install the apps?....iTunes? When it comes out...will they allow apps that unlock the phone? I DONT UNDERSTAND APPLE!!
    2007-11-07 03:37 AM
  2. xfsasx's Avatar
    it would probably be thru itunes. You can use all the apps that other people make, but they are gonna release a software developer kit *SDK and it would make it a lot easier for developers to write programs. I'm not sure how its gonna work yet, but it would be nice to have it open some what like os x where i can just download and install on the go and not have to sync. We'll have to wait and see..
    2007-11-07 03:47 AM
  3. fat x nub's Avatar
    thanx a lot.....i didnt understand that whole sdk thing....do you think you will have to update the phone for this to work....probably
    2007-11-07 04:59 AM