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    So I was wondering... can you use 2 safari tabs together?

    Let me elaborate. I use my phone all day at work to listen to XM streaming from my windows box via Orb. While I'm doing this, I can download stuff via installer app, use the calculator, weather, maps, ect, ect, ect with NO problems at all, a majority of the time.

    The problem is when I want to surf the internet. If Quicktime is playing a movie/mp3/ect, it will not let you switch to another tab (or I should say, doesn't give you the option).

    Does anyone know why this is? is it a bug? or is it there for performance? Like I said, while it's streaming, I can download apps and stuff without a problem... so I don't see why I couldn't also surf the internet at the same time.

    Does anyone know of a hack or work around for this?

    nobody huh?

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