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    Ok, so I decided to upgrade to 1.1.1 after I saw that jailbreakme.com was pretty quick and easy. It worked pretty well, I re-loaded many of the old applications I had, but all of a sudden I am having problems with the Wi-Fi. In the Phone Settings, it shows in the Wi-Fi area, "No Wi-Fi". Not even an On/Off slider. It doesn't even respond to finger touches. So I did a restore, didn't work. Did a restore as a new phone, didn't work. Reset all the network settings from the settings menu > reset. Didn't work. So now I called Apple, they want me to send it back but I'm concerned that they're going to look into the phone and see that it was jailbreak'd.

    Is there a way to A. Fix the No Wi-Fi issue, or B. Wipe the memory so they can't see what I did.

    2007-11-08 07:07 AM