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    Has anyone else noticed that when you check your song totals in the settings/general/about section that your songs number keeps decreasing. Mine lately has decreased by 1 on three different occasions. I havent erased any songs off the phone or off of itunes. All i do is sync everyonce and awhile. I actually went through my phone to see which track was gone and it was still listed in itunes. When i try to sync with the existing playlist it still doesnt add it back to the phone. Has anyone else had that problem, if you did how did you fix it?
    Also i noticed after i deleted every song of the phone it still showed in itunes that I still had two songs on it, but on the phone it said zero. Is there any other audio on the phone that would display as songs?

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    Make sure that the check mark is next to it in iTunes. It a song is on your phone, and in iTunes, but you accidently remove the check mark, when you re-sync, Apple will think you no longer want that song on your phone, so it will delete it. Check to make sure that no songs have the check marks de-selected. An easy way to select them all, is to just go to the top of your list, click on the first song. Then scroll all the way to the bottom, and hold shift (or option for mac) and click again. Then right click, and check Select all. Now try
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    Thanks for the info. I think it had something do with duplicates. Because every song was one. But i still dont understand why i was able to put them on there and now all of a sudden there deleting themselevs. Everyrthings checked off in my playlists. Im totally confused about this. Im gonna keep track of what i do for the next couple of days and see if it still does the same thing again.

    Thanks for your help. Also do you know why itunes is displaying my phones memory as having 2 songs on it, while there are none on the phone.

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