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    Hi all

    I am newish to the iphone scean

    I bought my iphone from fleebay about 3 weeks ago and it came unlocked using the anysim unlock feature.

    All was well and i set up the phone etc and added some themes using ibricker.

    i set up the o2 settings for mobile web and away I went

    However I was in Barcelona for a few days and thought I could use the internet etc there. But the funny thing is it would not work, once it failed to connect it would drop the network connection, and then ask me to reenter my sim unlock code. I done this and it then went back to the desktop screen but with no icons. The funny thing was the e-mail would work and connect but the safari would not.

    Only way around it was to reboot the handset

    Anyone have any idea's

    2007-11-08 01:16 PM