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    I have an iphone with a trippy WIFI that keeps logging off and making my iphone crash. I've tried restoring and unlocking with several programs. I heard that as long as you show up to the store with a buddies sim card that they would exchange it. Any truth to that or suggestions?

    Thanx in advance.
    2008-05-08 04:47 AM
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    False. First off, you dont go to AT&T, you go to Apple. They will check to see if the sim matches the phone. They can also check the phone and will know its been unlocked or jailbroken and wont touch it for that reason. You can "virginize" and "restore" to erase all that, however when the sim id doesnt match the phone they wont touch it. Unless you activate the phone on your buddies sim also, and you might get lucky.
    2008-05-08 05:12 AM
  3. hervster's Avatar
    would it cost my buddy anything to activate it and if he does activate it does that void the 1 yr warranty?

    I'm starting to think that the best thing would be to activate and open an plan with AT&T. Then as soon as I get started, i should exchange it and then cancel and pay a prorated bill for the time i had the account.
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    2008-05-08 05:57 AM