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    hi all
    can any one tell me why this cable is not working for my iphone and dose work with my ipod?
    and if there is any way to fix it

    and why this cable claim that its working with both

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    2008-05-08 12:45 PM
  2. ieatglue6457's Avatar
    Hey, I finally got my iPhone to work with the Pioneer iPod connector. This is the wire that plugs directly into the head-unit; no converter box.

    To fix the cable, you need to take it completely out of your car and bring it inside; you need the room. Towards the gray end of the cable, the end that plugs into the stereo, cut away about half an inch of the plastic casing and metal shielding. You will see a bunch of wires inside. Look for a small silver color shielded wire. It's not any of the big gray ones, it's a small one. Also, MAKE SURE its not white, it's silver. If youre not sure, use an ohmmeter to check the continuity between the silver wire and pin 20 on the connector. Once you get that, strip the silver wire, and connect a spare, longer wire to the silver wire. Solder it into place. Now, just seal up the cuts you made with electrical tape, and you're golden. Bring your newly modded wire out to the car, and wire it up. Take the wire you soldered on, and connect it to either +12v or ACC in the car. You're choice. On my Pioneer, the ACC is the big red wire, and +12v is the fused yellow wire. The only difference is whether you want the iPhone to charge when the car is on, or all the time. That's it. You get full playback features with this setup.
    2008-12-29 03:46 PM