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  1. 0utf1t's Avatar
    Hi, last night i used Boss Tool for free space allowance, after i done it i wanted to go in installer, but then iphone freeze, I turned it off but when i turned on there was only black screen and apple logo and i can't do nothing even i can't turn it off, there is only black screen and apple logo, what should i do? And when i connect iphone to pc there is no respond that iphone is connected to pc, iphone do not show up i itunes too! HELP PLEASE!!!!
    2008-05-08 03:23 PM
  2. Apple iPie's Avatar
    iTunes detects your phone?
    2008-05-08 03:51 PM
  3. 0utf1t's Avatar
    no, itunes don't detects iphone, but i can turn it off by holding sleep and home button in the same time
    2008-05-08 04:25 PM
  4. Apple iPie's Avatar
    try holding both buttons and wait for iTunes to detect it....
    2008-05-08 04:40 PM
  5. 0utf1t's Avatar
    already tried, doesn't detect, any other ideas? i need somehow to reinstall software?
    2008-05-08 05:03 PM
  6. Apple iPie's Avatar
    Could you please provide more info? What did you do? Step by Step please...)
    2008-05-08 05:06 PM
  7. 0utf1t's Avatar
    i did this <== read solution in first post. After these 30 sek(it really took longer) i went in installer, but when i touched installer icon, there showed some kind of image and nothing more happened, home button didn't take to home menu, i tried few times, then wanted turn off and turn on phone so i turned it off, but when i turned on there was that black screen whit apple logo as always, but nothing more happened, just stays that black screen and i can't do nothing
    2008-05-08 05:18 PM
  8. Eurisko's Avatar
    Something BoosTools did screwed up the filesystem so that Springboard can't run. As you can't determine the cause, you're likely going to have to restore your iPhone.

    Connect it to the computer, hold the sleep and home buttons for precisely 10 seconds and then let go of the sleep button. Keep holding the home button until iTunes gives you the message its found an iPhone that needs restoring.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2008-05-08 05:47 PM
  9. 0utf1t's Avatar
    thank you, I fixed my iphone
    2008-05-08 10:27 PM
  10. chinadeepak's Avatar
    thank you, I fixed my iphone
    i got a iphone 1.1.4 i was generally downloading stuff n all of a sudden my iphone turned off n now it shows a black screen with apple icon in the middle n a nothing works can any1 help pls

    fyi - when i plug it to pc its vibrates every 5 sec ...
    2008-07-17 02:28 PM
  11. jtesnani's Avatar
    do exactly what eurisko suggested above
    2008-07-17 03:30 PM
  12. khaylett's Avatar
    I used my iphone today, turned it off to go to work as i do daily, at break time i tried to turn the phone back on and it will not turn on, I have tried to reset it and now i am trying to restore it> Does anyone have any advice if restore dont work?
    2010-11-29 09:34 PM
  13. chathuvimu's Avatar
    [itunes detect my phone, but i can't reset it, phone getting off suddenly, what should i do? even itune shows only phone name, it doesn't show my firmware and model. help me guys. ]
    2012-05-22 05:02 PM