1. shaquk's Avatar
    Hi guys, is anybody else having problems with their iphone's sometimes erratic behaviour? I have firmware 1.1.1 running on my iphone, restored the phone once (as installer, SMB and customizer disappeared from my springboard), and i am noticing some issues, which ihad before the restore as well. For unknown reason when i open up applications (i.e. go into the ipod or videos or sms) the iphone doesnt react for a few seconds and shows a blank screen then locks the screen, when i then unlock the screen and try to go back, it does the same thing again...sometimes i have to repeat the process a few times until it actually does what iw ant it to do, other times it just crashes completely and i have to fully restart it. Once i restart the phone the phone behaves fine...for a few hours then starts acting up again....anyone else noticed that? is that just a flaw of the OS? Is it a problem with my phone itself? Any suggestions are appreciated.
    2007-11-09 02:41 PM
  2. Toopa's Avatar
    Do you have any apps installed? Try getting rid of SummerBoard for starters. I've got a similar problem:

    2007-11-11 02:52 AM