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    So my iphone was acting funny for a couple of days. It would charge and locked up a couple of times. I am now getting a Repair Needed your phone will not make or recieve calls. Well, I hope I can fix it because I have installer.app installed and thus probably have no warranty.

    Any ideas how to fix this? I have been trying to restore but seems to hit errors before it is finished.

    Help Please!
    2007-11-10 02:35 AM
  2. ajl917's Avatar
    2007-11-10 03:31 AM
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    just restore it...this is what you should do.....wake up then restore then go to school or work...come back and it will be done
    2007-11-10 04:29 AM
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    just restore it...this is what you should do.....wake up then restore then go to school or work...come back and it will be done
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    2007-11-10 04:35 AM
  5. VooDooD's Avatar
    yeah... I had this with one of the first iPhones that I unlocked.... Just did a restore and everything was good...

    It's a stupid message but it was seriously funny watching the guys face who had just bought it about 20 mins earlier!
    2007-11-10 05:42 AM
  6. JonniNitro's Avatar
    I have tried to restore but it will just error out after a while. How do I remove installer.app?

    The error is recieved after the phone is rest by itunes. The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1602).

    I am not sure what going on now.....after trying several times to restore and getting the 1602 error, I began researching that issue. My battery was on about 2/3 dead so I stuck it on the charger. I checked it about 2hrs later and it was completely black. Now I cant get the phone to even turn on at all. I have tried everything that I can think of.

    Is there any chance I could get this serviced? I am assuming that if they find installer.app on there I SOL right? This sucks because I know its not software related, everything was running fine and then one day it just quit. I want my phone back
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    2007-11-10 09:55 AM
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    Well, what choices do you really have? If it's really broken you either don't send it in because you're scared they won't fix it, or you send it in and they may or may not discover 3rd party apps. Apple isn't the police or anything, it's not like you're going to jail if they discover you ***0red your phone.
    2007-11-10 05:03 PM
  8. JonniNitro's Avatar
    If I take it to an Apple store will they just send it in, or is it possible for them to replace it there in the store. I figured maybe I could sweet talk some one in the store first.

    If I send it in and they discover installer.app cant they "blacklist" my phone?
    2007-11-10 07:12 PM