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    Hello all,

    My IPhone was having problems slider was not working(frozen) and reset button was also not working.
    I did a 'do it all' with ZiPhone initially. Then using WinPwn I restored it to factory state by following the FAQ posted on the site. Still slider was frozen and reset button was not working.
    So today I decided I will unlock/activate it with WinPwn. So I pwned my IPhone with 1.1.4 IPSW(IPhone) file downloaded from apple's website.
    Then I built a custom IPSW file using the IPSW builder. After that I put my IPhone in recovery mode and selected the custom file ( I selected all the options except upgrade bootloader while building the file) then ITunes stopped the restore stating an unkown error and the IPhone screen was stuck with an Apple logo and a circle at the bottom of the screen. When I connect it to a PC/MAC ITunes pops up a dialog saying could not detect because of the error"0xE000028".
    I called up apple and they said it was a windows problem and whn I told that I was seeing the same message they were puzzled and asked me to visit one of their stores. I am out of the country right now and will be back in USA after a week.
    So my IPhone was pwned so can I say it is in factory state? or is the bootloader/Baseband version different?
    I see the same apple logo and circle at the bottom since the last 4 hours and I cannot restart my IPhone thats the biggest problem since my reset button is not working.
    Any suggestions as to what I shld do now?
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    2008-05-09 06:07 PM
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    Dude,if you use BETA,be ready for this things..... Try DFU restore to 1.1.4 firmware....
    2008-05-09 06:18 PM