1. bigdogjonx's Avatar
    So I have maybe 800pictures that on my HD take up only about 80gig. I resized them all to about 800x600 (for my website gallery mainly) and I went to sync these to my iPhone and noticed it created an iPhone photo cache folder in that same directory and when it was done putting the 800 photos on the iphone, that cache was 500megs. I checked on iTunes and it also stated that I used 500megs in just photos. I know iTunes rescales/sizes/codes them to their codec, but why would they take a photo thats say 100k and make it 600-800k in size for the iphone when it cant even show a picture truly as big as 800x600?

    Seems like Apple messed up here on the codec, i mean thats just stupid to use more than 5x space than the original picture itself especially when the iphone's resolution cant even handle a 640x480 picture.

    2007-07-31 05:30 PM
  2. fred777's Avatar
    apple likes to call this "optimizing"
    2007-08-01 04:18 AM
  3. bigdogjonx's Avatar
    Man that is the dumbest optimization ive seen to date, hahha
    2007-08-01 05:17 AM