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    I had my iPhone tethered under 1.0.2 and it quit working tho I may have forgotten to turn Internet sharing back on on my Mac...

    So I finally upgraded to 1.1.1 last week and tried again. No dice. I've jailbroken it, installed tinyproxy and the BSD subsystem, and... Nothing.

    In the process of troubleshooting, I was pinging the phone from the mac and not having much luck. I left the ping running while i played with the phone. Eventually I rebooted the phone and much to my surprise 9 pings came through before it died again.

    I was able to repeat this several times. 4-5 seconds after the vibration when the home screen first comes up it'll start answering pings. 8 or 9 pings later it quits answering pings.

    Now for the odd part: From term-vt100 on the phone, I can ping the Mac just fine. Once, after doing so the phone started answering the mac's pings too but i couldn't repeat that.

    Other traffic besides pings seems to start and stop at the same time too.

    Any suggestions? Kinda hard to tether, or even set it up, when you have less than a 10-second window where the iphone will answer incoming network traffic!
    2007-11-11 06:26 AM