1. intosh's Avatar
    i am using a 1.1.1 iphone and just downloaded a language pack. i did not know the language pack was for 1.0.2 till i started to install it. then, it had the swirly thing and my iphone has been jammed.

    i tried to hold the sleep button and wait for it to restart. however when it turned on again it got stuck at the apple logo screen. then there was the swirly thing again. after a while the swirly thing stopped and my iphone just froze right thr.

    i tried to put it into recovery mode by holding home and sleep for a long time but it wont show the connect to itunes screen. now, my iphone keeps restarting and shows the apple logo screen frozen. what should i do?? i am in desperate need of help here!
    2007-11-11 03:34 PM
  2. fat x nub's Avatar
    well it sounds like u might be screwed.....my only advice is to just hold the home and sleep button for like a minute until it goes into recovery mode.....if that doesn't work just PM and i know a way that will send it into recovery mode without holding the buttons
    2007-11-11 08:19 PM