1. senas8's Avatar
    Right, but with the .ipb script, you may not have to. Working on some cool things...
    There is no reason to do something anonymously if it is believed to be legal and it will benefit our rights.
    2007-08-01 08:46 PM
  2. zajaco0's Avatar
    I had the same issue as everyone else...I tried to update to 1.0.1 on my modified phone and it came up with an error and forced me to restore. It sucks b/c i haven't backed up my iphone in a while...well I think that I can sync and get a lot of stuff back though.

    I tried to jailbreak it again and jailbreak had an error
    2007-08-02 12:48 AM
  3. fred777's Avatar
    well, i finally updated. with mananza, it made getting my phone back to 'normal' much easier.

    when i first tried to jailbreak i got an error. second time, a different error.
    then i remember when i did it the very first time, that i only had jailbreak running on my comp.
    so i restarted my computer and only had jailbreak running this time. worked perfect this time.
    three times a charm.

    zajaco0, try it again, if it doesnt work, try it again.. and again

    oh, and a quick q...
    is there any way to get the pics ive taken with the phone back into the camera roll?
    i have a backup of em but i dunno how to get em in the roll.
    2007-08-02 12:54 AM
  4. AKA_Ben's Avatar
    I, like the rest of you, had to restore and my contacts, calendar, etc came back but I was wondering if the statistics get backed up as well (Total talk time, total EDGE data)' I was looking foward to hitting my first GB of EDGE but now its reset :/
    2007-08-02 07:20 AM
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