1. AmeseyLad's Avatar
    So I was thinking about buying an iPhone, and was wondering if you could help me in answering some questions for me.
    1. Apparently the iPhone costs 269.99 in carphone warehouse... true/false?
    2. Does internet connect automatically anywhere, like could I be sitting in school and send an email to some bloke or watch some vids on YouTube?
    3. I have a wireless connection at home, will the iPhone pick that up and use it?

    2007-11-12 07:58 PM
  2. i3exa's Avatar
    to answer your quesitons....
    1.) thats what the website says
    2.) pretty sure it's the same over there as it is here in the US but as long as you have cell service you can call, email, txt, and surf the web.
    3.) if you know your settings for your home network then yes it will connect right up.
    2007-11-12 08:09 PM