1. DisownedPenny's Avatar
    i just installed skrewcommon and ringtones and now when i unlock my phone by sliding my slider, my home screen pops up and i cant launch any apps or even lock the damn thing. what do i do? i cant really uninstall ringtones or skrewcommon because i cant launch installer. i just freaking restored my phone yesterday and finally got it back to where i like it UGH!!! anybody have a solution?

    Oh and when i sync to my computer, if i am at my home screen on my phone, it doesnt kick me back to the lock/sync screen even tho it syncs my phone...
    and i can still rearrange my icons and stuff i just cant do anything else.

    plz help...
    2008-05-13 02:18 AM
  2. cscho0415's Avatar
    restart your phone... if that doest work try to open settings go to general... reset all
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    2008-05-13 02:49 AM