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    I have had the iPhone now for a couple of months and was very pleased with until last weekend when it starting playing up.

    At first, i found that it turned itself off and i had to do the force reboot by holding the power and home button down. It now shuts down like this very frequently, and took it to a guy to get it "fixed" and he told me i had to upgrade to 1.1.1 which should fix the problem.

    However, it still does the same... shuts down...and sometimes the screen goes funny and the shows lots of lines and colour (as though a tv has lost reception kind of thing).

    Does anyone know what the problem is and how i can fix it?!?!
    2007-11-13 02:41 AM
  2. Digital Oxygen's Avatar
    2007-11-13 02:46 AM
  3. mark_hk's Avatar

    What does that mean??
    2007-11-13 02:52 AM
  4. Reako's Avatar
    It means if you have the High Tymes source installed, and installed a theme via that source, you are in restore territory.

    2007-11-13 03:17 AM
  5. mark_hk's Avatar

    I have not installed any 3rd party software and have not installed any other themes...I obviously bought it from the states and had it unlocked and is now 1.1.1

    Any other ideas?
    2007-11-13 03:27 AM
  6. Reako's Avatar
    Um, I really have no answer. A restore should fix any known issues. If you are continuously having the problem just fully restore the phone, locking it, and then bring it back to the Store and set them straight.

    2007-11-13 03:47 AM
  7. Imahottguy's Avatar
    ^^^ ... What he said
    2007-11-13 03:50 AM
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    I am based in HK, not in the states.

    Is returning it the only option? I am going to go down later this afternoon and see if this apple "expert" can help with it...

    its just so frustrating now... i never know when the phone is on or off and need to keep checking!!!

    Went down to the shop and the guy tehre said that the problem was due to me having the auto lock feature on "never". He says that there is some bug if you leave it on that option. I have now changed it to 2min and was working when i left the shop.

    Low and behold... when i got home it started playing up again!!!

    REALLY need help!!!

    If i restore via iTunes, will that fix the problem? Will i still be able to unlock the phone afterwards???
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    2007-11-13 09:17 AM