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    Does anyone know which # of the serials on the back of the iphone begins the 1.1.2 firmware? I know for 1.1.1. it was 7t739......thirty nine being 1.1.1 and 38 and below the previous firmware pre installed.
    2007-11-13 05:45 AM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    2007-11-13 06:04 AM
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    Couldn't tell you that, but it doesn't matter what firmware version you have, you can unlock any of them!
    2007-11-13 06:13 AM
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    sorry...that sounded vague...back of the iphone box theres list of serials...The second serial down on the left side of the box has a serial that corresponds to which firmware is pre installed on that iphone...does anyone know which serials belong to the new firmware?
    2007-11-13 06:14 AM
  5. Broomhead's Avatar
    2007-11-13 06:17 AM
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    I Buy a XXX45 serial and have 1.1.2, a lot of XXX44 or less have the firmware 1.1.1, i buy today one with serial XXX41 and this is the 1.1.2.

    Have more informations?
    2007-12-20 01:39 AM