1. deepakcg's Avatar

    I was using a unlocked iphone with FW 1.02c, i made a mistake of upgrading it to 1.1.1.
    The phone got bricked, i used ibricker to boot the phone to the activation screen.
    I am now not able to restore the phone at all, i have tried all possible guides & steps, still no solution.

    However i have managed to activate the phone & install AppTapp but i am not able to virginize the phone cause its giving me some script failed error & also not able to unlock using AnySim.

    when i check the Seeting in the phone the version shows a s 1.1.1 but the Modem Firmware shows as 04.02.13_G. The IMEI number is also changed 004**********000.

    Some one pls pls help me.
    2007-11-14 12:56 PM
  2. aziatiklover's Avatar
    have u try to virginize it manually?
     Think Different
    2007-11-14 01:23 PM
  3. deepakcg's Avatar
    have u try to virginize it manually?
    No, how do i do it, pls help me.
    2007-11-14 01:39 PM