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    ok here's my problem.

    my 8gig iphone sounds a lot lower than all the others. idk what is the issue and tried searching but came to no conclusions..

    i think restoring is NOT the solution as I havent noticed any difference when i upgraded to 1.1.4.

    i did install at some point that booster sound app but nothing really changed.

    so.. any ideas? thanks

    btw this is not an issue when i'm using my headphones. its really loud then.
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    2008-05-16 09:42 PM
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    well i had a similar problem and i did a hard reset through setting/general/look for one thats got the reset defaults. I did one that resets hole system and it worked after that..hope this helps..if so see the thanks button
    2008-05-16 09:48 PM
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    nuh nothing changed.. thx for the try

    i've heard a method that has something to do with plugging in and out the headphones
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    any updates here pls?
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    2008-05-18 05:16 AM
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    maybe the speakers are damaged... im sure restoring will fix this if its not a proble with the speakers
    2008-05-18 08:03 AM
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    restoring is not the issue.. what i did was replacing the com.apple.celestial.plist -- from var/mobile/library/ preferences
    SystemSoundMaximumVolume.plist file from /System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/
    and RegionalVolumeLimits.plist from /System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/

    the phone keypad is now in high sound but nothing more..
    oh and i tried piercing the speaker and did sound a bit more again
    but the problem here are the lock/unlock sounds.. those sound much much louder on other phones except mine..

    so any other ideas??
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    2008-05-30 07:59 PM
  7. prouddad.215's Avatar
    Other than doing the whole reset mentioned above, theres nothing I heard of that will fix that. It makes me think you have a problem with the actual speaker, like maybe you just got an iphone with a crappy speaker. Makes sense that its fine when you use your earphones because you arent using the bum speaker again. Either take it back and get fixed if under warranty, or go on ebay and you can buy a speaker new, and fix it yourself. If you go that route, I can lead you to a link that has step by step instructions in a video on how to completely disassemble an iphone. The speaker really isnt hard to replace if you are walked thru the process.
    Hope you get it fixed.
    2008-05-30 09:02 PM
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    well thats basically the issue my friend.. replacement..

    but the weird thing is that the phone is really loud! just NOT on system sounds..
    i mean ringtones and mp3's are ok.. could be more but thats fine i guess..
    when i changed the phone keypad sounds to 5 they where LOUD.. really loud..
    only problem is when i unlock/lock/type and receive email/sms.

    so this is why i believe its not a hardware thing..
    what i did today is to replace the files with a friend of mine that had otb 1.1.2
    that did the trick again and made keypad sound loud, speaker while on call loud.. etc etc
    except system sounds again.. so i'm thinking two things

    either my caf files are damaged in some sort of way.. or there's a fourth file that i'm not aware of..

    thanks again for all the help and contribution

    small update here.. its the system sounds.. just them..

    notification of incoming mail
    notification of sent mail
    notification of calendar reminder
    keyboard click

    which file deals with these sounds?
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