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  1. olina's Avatar
    Hi guys

    On every mobile phone I've used, whenever the battery was running low the
    phone beeped every 5 or 10 minutes.

    In the iPhone I only get a message and I can't hear anything.

    How do I make the iPhone beep every 10 minutes like normal cell-phones?
    2008-05-19 08:00 PM
  2. iBlade's Avatar
    Another one of those features that every schmack phone has, but the iphone lacks. This would be nice and usefull indeed.
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    2008-05-19 08:45 PM
  3. stocis's Avatar
    hope the "sdk power" does something about all those handy additions to our iphones.. not another daemon but an addition to the firmware
    Thanks is an acknowledgment
    2008-05-19 08:51 PM
  4. Poseidon79's Avatar
    So to answer your question... there is no way at the moment to get the feature you're looking for. Sorry.
    2008-05-19 09:14 PM
  5. olina's Avatar
    I guess Apple just doesn't have the experience needed to make cell-phones...
    The GUI is excellent but it's those little things (like deleting calls from the last calls list) that they miss...
    2008-05-20 07:52 AM
  6. screamforme02's Avatar
    waht i thought customize had a way to do this.. o yeh if ur screen is not locked it will work, otherwise ur phone is sleeping, so no i geuss it wouldnt work
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    2008-05-20 08:14 AM
  7. Robcoffee's Avatar
    I really need to bring this thread back from the depths, there must be a third party app from Cydia that can do this - while your iPhone is in sleep mode in your pocket produce an audible alert if you are running low on battery, ie down to 20 or 10%. It's really annoying, I had a half battery left going to work yesterday, just browsing the web and checking e-mail, it was asleep all day in my pocket, got to the pub on the way from home and it was dead! Empty battery with read line at the end. The fact an app did not close correctly and sat eating all the power from my iphone during the day does not bother me, I have got used to that, it's the lack of warning from the iphone that gets my goat - I could have charged it had I known what was going on (after a hard reboot), but to find out when you want to use it is just mean.
    iPhone 5s 64gb iOS 7
    rMBP 15" 16gb 500gb
    @c0ff33a and @PhoneMainiac
    2008-10-15 11:45 PM
  8. richardsoffice's Avatar
    So reading this thread started two years ago, I assume that there still is no App to give a Low battery warning sound while phone is asleep? That’s incredible considering the thousands of App’s out there, for me this makes an iPhone unreliable!
    2010-04-04 02:29 PM
  9. HeavenlyVT's Avatar
    Yup, rubbish...

    I thought I saw something about something that there was an audible alarm you could.. install..

    BUt I can't find it, and it may have been wishful thinking
    2010-04-06 10:31 AM
  10. screamforme02's Avatar
    sounds to me like you are not a true iphone fan, i check my phone constantly, i dont even notice im doing it some times
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-04-06 06:33 PM
  11. richardsoffice's Avatar
    sounds to me like you are not a true iphone fan, i check my phone constantly, i dont even notice im doing it some times
    Get a Life
    2010-04-13 07:18 PM
  12. screamforme02's Avatar
    i do and its an iphone life. No one likes a troll 3 posts and one is hating on me. haha tool

    i dfound something in cydia under system called 'PowerAlert Vibration' this may be what you were looking for. havnt tried it myself but its description sounds like what you want good luck
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    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-04-13 08:29 PM
  13. richardsoffice's Avatar
    Thanks for that I’ll go have a look there, and if it’s any good I’ll come beak with info, cheers mate.

    No pity really it wouldn't run on my BR 3Gs, thanks anyway.
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    2010-04-14 12:53 AM
  14. richardsoffice's Avatar
    No ‘PowerAlert Vibration' App doesn't even vibrate at the given 20% low battery level on my J/B 3GS and there appears to be no support for the App either.

    Yet there are stacks of stupid App’s to wake you up when the phone is nearing the end of a recharge. Can it be that hard to create one to poll say every 10 minutes the state of charge and give an audible warning? I would actually pay a couple of $ for such an app (even if I could get if for free) . . . because it would be worth it, how many times have we heard from an iPhone owner “oh sorry my battery was flat” an iPhone with a flat battery is useless.

    Just found ‘Accura v3.2’ the paid for $3 ver. (not the free ver.) says it has an audible waning for a low battery (as well as fully charged) you chose at what level, also repeat low Bat. waning option.

    Only problem I can see is you will have to have the App running to warn you (ok if you have Backgrounder on a J/B phone) but then how much faster will this deplete your battery by having Accura running all the time.
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    2010-06-11 02:59 PM
  15. richardsoffice's Avatar
    YES . . Cydia now has an App appropriately called “Poweralerter” it’s gives audible alerts, it costs $1.50 US but I’ve gladly paid this small sum, just hope it works as I hope it will.
    2010-11-20 09:45 PM
  16. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Yep it works quite well
    2010-11-20 10:08 PM
  17. GAustralia's Avatar
    Here I am looking for a low battery indicator app for iPhone 4S. Yes confirmed my iPhone 4S has the known battery problem that the battery power depletes unexpectedly quickly.

    Yet here is another twist: I am at something like 60% power, I don't use it at all and 5 to 9 hours latter (such as overnight) I find that my iPhone 4S won't turn on because the iPhone 4S is out of power. I believe this happened to me about four times.

    Hello Apple, I use my iPhone 4S for business. Your iPhone 4S design has put me in a position several times where I could not receive or make any mobile calls/ SMS etc. I know I am supposed to turn everything off, reminders, location service, wiFi hot spot, e-mail, siri etc - yet it defeats the purposes and convenience of the iPhone 4S features to have to turn iPhone 4S features on first before trying to use. Apple iPhone 4S marketing: its disgraceful that you hint that your iPhone 4s phone is good for business or even reliably good for receiving or making phone calls. Apple 4S Engineering - fail on the areas that Apple marketing has failed - this should impact on the bonuses on both iPhone 4S departments.

    Back to the iPhone 4S design - I have worked in consumer electronics product marketing - so here is the serve: First of all the form starts out in 2008 with poster complaining that every phone they had starts beeping for low battery situation - so Apple must have received this type of market information about low battery notification. We are now in 2011 and the iPhone 4S does not try to follow the smart low battery notification of competitors. Someone is not doing their job in regards to low battery notification.

    I did see in the iPhone 4S settings to turn on the battery % indicator - this should have been a default on.

    It is interesting that somehow Apple iPhone 4S/Apple gives the impression that Apple products just work - this battery management and no low battery notification is a major failing.

    I used to run a preproduction product testing program within consumer electronics so I know Apple knew all about these iPhone 4S battery issues prior to launch in the market. A question for Apple senior management is this: do you have real marketing people running the preproduction program and as advocate for customers? Perhaps these people are FOF (friends of the factory). Or perhaps these people are engineers such that the testing is not based on end user satisfaction, but based on meeting engineering parameters. An engineering flawed parameter may be completely unstatisfactory to the end user but then completely satisfactory to engineering tick boxing that engineering parameter has been met.

    Another question for Apple iPhone 4S senior management - how strong is your customer advocacy in your iPhone 4S product development division? Some help for the battery issues identified above could have been in update 5.01. Time for you to intervene and earn your pay!

    Now on to look for app Cydia for iPhone 4S - an "app" that Apple 4S iPhone should have something similar built in for low battery level indication. I have also talked with the store I got it from to return/replace it - especially for the issue of going from 60% to not responding within 6-9 hours.
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    2011-12-16 12:52 AM
  18. GAustralia's Avatar
    Back again -

    I think I found what was causing the battery drain on the iPhone 4S: Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Fetch New Data > Push was ON and I think this was causing the battery drain. Overnight I could lose 30% of the iPhone 4S batter charge within 7 hours with no usage. After the change to turn Push OFF, the battery drain is about 10% in the same time. I also was not locking the phone, and while I had it on 1 minute autolock I don't think this was always working. The Apple web site says to lock the iPhone 4S or use the sleep button (no mention of their autolock feature).

    Back to low battery indicator apps: I could not find the PowerAlert app listed in the form above, but I found the BatteryAlert App in the Apple App store. Let me assure you this app is complete rubbish. I set it on alert for 15% of power and it did beep, yet depending on the setting you are in, you might miss the beep - only one beep. This is completely inadequate and not like other brands who got the low battery alert right by beeping every 10 minutes.

    Other failures of BatteryAlert: it is not smart at all and will just feed you Apple iPhone 4S factory usage levels for standby, talk, etc. To be really smart it might tell me what is majorly draining the battery - which it can not.

    What I really object to about BatteryAlert is the misrepresentation on the Apple App Store. While it is a free app, there is no representation on the Apple App Store that there are ads on there. The Apple App Store has pictures of the battery charge screens but leaves out the ads at the bottom - that is a misrepresentation. Apple should have had a good low battery audible indicator in the first place. Now with this battery charge app they want you to get the free app but then they want to make money off of you for buying other apps. With Google Gmail it is free and there are ads but it is free free. With the Apple Iphone I pay for the phone, I pay for the calls and Apple wants to make money off of me for basic features it should have in there anyway. It is clear they don't care about their customers and they care more about increasing their $100 billion stash of cash more than their customers. I bet there are those in Apple who want to subject you to an ad before you can make a phone call. They don't want to put an audible power indicator in there because they want you to be always looking at the phone where you might be subjected to ads and want to use other features.

    Last flame on BatteryAlert - it alerts you when the power goes through your designated power level when you are charging your IPhone 4S. I find this alert useless, should be disabled while it is charging and, it is just another opportunity for them to put an ad in front of you.
    2011-12-20 06:40 AM
  19. antsu's Avatar
    I use Power Alerter. Set to 15% and then every 5% twice. Flashes screen, buzzez and make a sound twice. And no. Doesent alert while charging. Also has option to tell u when fully charged. u can alse make it do diff acions on low battery ie turn of 3G or wifi to sa battery at its end. Can even turn phone of.
    2011-12-20 07:27 AM
  20. GAustralia's Avatar
    I use Power Alerter. Set to 15% and then every 5% twice. Flashes screen, buzzez and make a sound twice. And no. Doesent alert while charging. Also has option to tell u when fully charged. u can alse make it do diff acions on low battery ie turn of 3G or wifi to sa battery at its end. Can even turn phone of.
    Sounds interesting. Yet why may I find PowerAlerter on the web but not in the iPhone store? Maybe it is an app that Apple has something against? There are a few apps in the Utilities category of the app store. Am trying Battery Doctor Pro - yet did not see an alerting feature for low battery as with the old Nokias.

    Anyway - back to the dramas - of iPhone 4S not ready for business usage - because Apple was not attentive to battery issues. By turning off the push function on my e-mail I thought I had the rapid battery loss issue resolved. Then the battery level only dropped 10% instead of the usual 30 to 40% overnight (with no usage). I had thought that by using the sleep button this was helping the iPhone 4S battery issues as well. UNTIL... I found out that when the phone was locked/in sleep mode the 4S would not ring for incoming calls - only go to voicemail. As mentioned, there is business usage here and this no answering - basic function of a phone - was not acceptable. I went to the Apple iPhone support webpage. I put this no answering issue on there. And came back an answer from a "volunteer" ( as $100 billion cash in the bank Apple appears too cheap to pay for real support staff ), the volunteer said reset, I did, and then the iPhone 4S phone would then ring when in sleep mode.

    Only problem the battery reverted to draining 30 to 40% overnight without any usage and every option off. One might survive with this with a spare charger at home (maybe charging overnight), in the car, and at work. Yet now I have uncovered another battery/sleep related problem: after 3-5 hours in sleep sometimes (maybe 2+ times per week) the iPhone 4S goes into deep sleep - and you must hold down the sleep and menu buttons down simultaneously for about 10 seconds to get it to turn on. Most of my experiences with this Iphone 4S deep sleep issue are overnight which represent perhaps the longest time when it is not used. Yet it happens during the day as well. Today: deep sleep this morning after 6 hours (40% battery drain during this time) and also this afternoon when I did not use the iPhone 4S for three hours.

    Back to the Apple form with this. I did stop by an Apple store. The person did not have a clue but checked that the location services were off. They offered an appointment with their tech gurus - which since the next available appointment was in a few days - I declined at that point. You would think Apple would admit they have some battery issues with their iPhone 4S and maybe supply their store people with maybe a handout on suggested steps to deal with iPhone 4S battery issues.
    2012-01-04 09:22 AM
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