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    This is not a big deal. Im just trying to find out why when i plug my phone into itunes it says i have 17 photos, but on my phone it says i have 15. I noticed this when i synced 9 photos and showed 10 in itunes. The weird thing is when i delete all the photos it goes to 0. And if i put just one back on it says theres two but on the phone it says one. Does anyone know why itunes would give me a different number of photos. Just to let you know im running locked 1.1.1 and its jailbroken. I really dont think that has anything to do with it. Any feedback is appreciated. Just want to make sure theres nothing funny going on with my phone.
    Also would anyone know why my phone will no longer change to the plug icon when the phone is fully charged. It shows in settings its fully charged. But the lock screen displays it as not.
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    2007-11-16 06:37 PM
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    Maybe the iPhone is counting the thumbnail photos as regular photos. What program are you using for your photos?
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