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  1. kgelster's Avatar
    A cautionary tale of woe:
    In my car, I have a Panasonic DVD headunit along with an iPod interface cable (CA-DC300U) that i use to listen to my iPod Nano. It has worked flawlessly since I installed it a year ago and continues to do so.
    While driving, my iPhone warned me of a low battery. I decided to charge it using the Panasonic iPod interface. It worked at first, it even played music from the phone. Then the phone crashed. I left it to charge. When I checked on it again, the phone would not turn back on and was hot to the touch. I unplugged it but it was too late.
    My phone will not turn on or charge. I've tried the AC and USB chargers.

    I tried to get it replaced under warranty at Apple. They said they'll happily give me a new phone if I provide them an AT&T SIM card to "test the new phone."

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    2007-11-16 08:40 PM
  2. imstill@g's Avatar
    Go to AT&T sign up for a contract, cancel with in 30 days... new iphone in hand
    2007-11-16 08:50 PM
  3. Eurisko's Avatar
    Apple has said in their "maintenance & care" FAQs regarding the battery, that once the level reaches 100%, you should remove it from the power supply. Leaving it connected for hours on end at 100% will overcharge and overheat it.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2007-11-16 08:53 PM
  4. kartjob's Avatar
    I had a very similar thing happen to mine, except it was with the wall charger. I had a low battery (10%), and I plugged the iPhone in. It began to get very warm, and eventually it stopped working completely. No turning on, no sync, no anything. I got it replaced at the Apple store.
    2007-11-16 09:02 PM
  5. kgelster's Avatar
    Leaving it connected for hours on end at 100% will overcharge and overheat it.
    It was at 10%. I plugged it in for 10 minutes at most.
    Also, lithium polymer chargers use delta-peak charging, so the phone never gets overcharged. Overcharging a lipoly battery would result in it violently venting.
    2007-11-16 09:20 PM
  6. santfekuss's Avatar
    I use the Denison iPod adaptor in my car, and works flawlessly with the iPhone. Denison are the only official car audio iPod adaptors, which push out the recommended 5v, a lot of them, including some iPod speaker systems, push out 10v which will fry the battery.
    2007-11-16 09:42 PM
  7. fat x nub's Avatar
    borrow a ATT sim from a friend
    2007-11-16 10:29 PM
  8. kgelster's Avatar
    borrow a ATT sim from a friend
    I'm going to try this and report back with results.
    2007-11-16 11:42 PM