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    I will apologize upfront if anyone has already posted a question like this. I didn't find it if so. Here is my issue. I am currently helping a relative open a new business in Kentucky. The area we are in has very little coverage from AT&T. If we are in the "city" coverage is fine; however, their house is out in the country about 20 minutes away...pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I noticed that on our commute home my cousin would be able to use her Motorola RAZR to a certain point on our drive. My iPhone had lost signal just outside of the city. Even when I would have one bar of signal I would not be able to send a text message and a phone call was definitely out of the question. I sent the iPhone to Apple for repair just for the heck of it but it came back as "No issue found".

    In addition to these issues, I found that the EDGE network was questionable in these areas where I had full signal strength. Browsing sites and checking mail were all hit or miss unless I was in a WiFi area (naturally). Forget trying to use YouTube or anything "fun". I finally gave up on the iPhone and swapped my sim into a flip phone I owned.

    If you've made it this far then I offer my thanks for listening. My issue in all of this is that AT&T requires you to have their full-on, unlimited data plan just to have the iPhone. Is there any way to hack/mod the phone so that it doesn't use the EDGE network and only connects to WiFi sites? I realize that AT&T is still going to make you pay for the full data plan once you activate the phone but I'm thinking that if you call and tell them you are swapping it out they will change the data plan and not be any wiser (or I may just be dreaming on that thought). I like the phone and I like the potential but depending on where you live AT&T's network just isn't up to par. Of course, the antenna in the iPhone is obviously crappy compared to other mobile brands. I just don't see a point in paying that kind of money when you really aren't using their data network. This won't solve the crappy antenna problem but I guess that one be a problem once I return to my home state. Any ideas? Also, has anyone else experienced antenna issues or did Apple just blow smoke up my ___ when they told me there was nothing wrong? Thanks for listening.
    2007-11-17 01:29 AM
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    in 1.1.1 and up, you can go into settings, General, Network, and then turn Data Roaming ON. That will keep the phone from using edge.

    Another option would be to unlock it and use a regular ATT sim. If the phone is already activated, it may even work with another ATT sim without unlocking, but I'm not 100% sure.
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    2007-11-17 01:44 AM
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll take a peek later and give it a try.
    2007-11-17 04:04 AM
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    no problem.. i also just found this:

    ATT is now letting people in your exact situation remove the edge option from the plan, so no need to lie or hack the phone, just tell att the truth and they will take 20 dollars off your bill
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    2007-11-17 11:17 AM